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Flying Robots Marketing Agency is a Veteran Owned Small Business. Our core competencies include Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing + SEO, Content Creation, Video Advertising, Drone Video Production and Reach Marketing. Our mission is to provide world class digital marketing solutions that drive results. 

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May 26, 2018

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How Can Drones be Used to Reduce Violence?

October 11, 2017

Since the development and mainstream production of the drone, many people were worried about the consequences of such development. Indeed, one of the main worries that you would see around the drone business was how such hardware could be used for violence. How long would it be until people were being assassinated by a drone?


Well, it looks like while drones have killer capacity in the wrong hands, they could also be used to save lives and reduce violence. The recent, tragic Las Vegas mass shooting has caused a new debate to unfold again about how we can try to minimize the risk of violence. With 273 ‘mass shootings’ in the United States in 2017 alone, eyes are fixed on trying to find a solution to this issue.


And, for many, the drone business might be the right step forward in that direction. As drone tech continues to develop, we could easily see police drones being produced in a bid to help mitigate the damage and pain that people are suffering from due to these shootings.


Mass shootings have become sadly commonplace in US lifestyle. With gun control debates never moving more than a degree forward, either, there’s a political stalemate to try and find a proven solution.


Speaking to dronepets.org, Brian Levin, a criminal justice professor, believes that police drones could make a huge difference. He claims that ‘in two minutes’ a police drone could have been engaged with Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter. Even major police agencies, such as the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s agree that this kind of hardware could make a proper difference to how a shooting is handled.


Having recently lost a vote 5-4 to curb drone usage in LA County, though, it appears that there is enough opposition to halt development for the time being. So far, the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) has been deployed six times; only once for dealing with a gunman. The same article above points to the positive public opinion about the potential use of drones in the future.


It’s not just shootings, though; from looting to late-night after-party street brawls, drones would offer wider protection for all. By working as a means of helping to police the streets when officers are dealing with emergencies or otherwise over-stretched, they could play a critical role in positive police change.


Meeting Demands for Public Safety

While people might worry about privacy in the face of more drones under police command, surely safety is also vital?


It’s a hard balance to strike, and one that might take some time to strike in the first place. It’s hard, though, to fully understand what other avenues are presently open to dealing with the concoction of circumstances that makes a mass shooting so capable to occur.



Perhaps better drone marketing is needed to try and raise awareness that their features go far beyond what people may already expect. Something has to be done, however, to try and curb the constant rise in shootings and escalations of violence on the streets of America.


Flyingrobotsmarketing.com is a drone business that helps those who promote drones using Facebook marketing, Google ads and more to help raise awareness. As the mass shooting crisis continues to loom overhead, the positive promotion in Maryland marketing circles will be vital if we want to take a technological stand against shootings.