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Flying Robots Marketing Agency is a Veteran Owned Small Business. Our core competencies include Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing + SEO, Content Creation, Video Advertising, Drone Video Production and Reach Marketing. Our mission is to provide world class digital marketing solutions that drive results. 

Give us 45 minutes and we can help improve your business or project!

Fill out the form to get a complimentary audit of your marketing strategy plan and a 45-minute consulting session.


         After I pay how long does it take to get everything running?

After you sign up it takes 7 business days to get everything running! There is no "Setup Fee" because this setup period is included in the monthly service fee.


        Who is working on my social media accounts?

A social media marketing specialist in the USA is working on your social media accounts. All of our experts at Social Vantage have years of marketing / social media experience. This expert will be responsible for searching the web and finding quality content to share on behalf of your business!


        Do I need to provide you with content?

No, you do not have to provide us with content. However, if you have content, we are happy to use it! The team at Social Vantage can develop unique content that fits your brand. We have access to stock photography, simple design software, as well as relevant news sources. We can use this to develop content to engage your audience.


        What If I Still Want To Post On My Channels?

If you want to continue posting to your social media channels while we are posting, that is completely fine! After all, they are YOUR channels :) 


        How do you know what to post for my business?

After you're finished scouring the internet for a better marketing service, send us a message on our contact us page, and watch the magic happen! We are going to go into great detail about your business, what you do, who you serve and what you're trying to accomplish. Once we have these details, your dedicated rep will review everything, conduct even more research and then begin to post content for your business. We also ask our clients to give us strong feedback on the posts so we can continue to get better every day!


        Are there any setup fees?

Absolutely NOT! There are no setup fees. Enjoy signing up for a marketing service that has $0.00 in setup fees!


        What type of growth can I expect on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

Every follower we get your social channel for your business is targeted and within the criteria of your ideal prospective customer.

     Twitter: 800+ Targeted Followers Per Month

     Instagram: 800+ Targeted Followers Per Month

     Facebook: 500+ Targeted Likes Per Month


        Do you have any CONTRACTS?

Nope! Unlike most marketing companies, we DO NOT have any long-term contracts. Our service is month to month! You can cancel at any time but a 1-month cancellation notice is required. This means, for example, if your monthly payment is due each month on the 3rd of the month, you would need to tell us before the 3rd that you are canceling and that this is your LAST payment with us. Your payment will then go through on the 3rd and service will continue until the 2nd of NEXT month, which would be your last day of service.


         What if I have specific promotions or posts I want you to make?

If you have any specific promotions or posts you want us to make for your company all you need to do is email our amazing customer support team at flyingrobots@outlook.com anytime and we will post your promotion as soon as we can!


         Wait... I still have questions!

We can help! Please send us an email to flyingrobots@outlook.com