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Flying Robots Marketing Agency is a Veteran Owned Small Business. Our core competencies include Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing + SEO, Content Creation, Video Advertising, Drone Video Production and Reach Marketing. Our mission is to provide world class digital marketing solutions that drive results. 

One of Facebook’s newest tools is the called Privacy Checkup. You can find it under the Quick Help Menu. So basically, when you run the app it, it quickly lets you know the people you share your post with by default, the information you share and with whom, and lastly...

Will Smith launched his own YouTube Channel back in December 2017 and as a super fan, I have been consuming every bit of content that he's been publishing and posting. (What can I say, we all have our thing you know, so what) Recently, [and I mean last night] he was on...

For the last few years, the drone industry has been changing quite rapidly. From what was once just a small novelty toy to fully fledged transport systems, it’s likely that the tech development of the drone will continue at pace. At Flying Robots Marketing, we see all...

Impeachment vs Drone? Can Trump Make Your Business Take Off? So the sad truth is, whether he stays or goes, your business still has to thrive. Understanding that the best product will always win if people know about it, is honestly what keeps up at night. So instead of...

Uber has announced plans to start testing their UberAir flying car service in US cities like Los Angeles and Dallas in 2020, according to LA Times. To make this into a reality, NASA partnered with Uber to manage air traffic management. Similar technology is currently g...

What’s In President Trump’s New Drone Program? Everything You Need To Know... The new plan recently introduced by President Donald Trump may speed up the move for companies like Google, Amazon, and Flying Robots Marketing Agency just to name a few.

Drone registration is one of the most fundamental arguments that has taken place. As people fight for less restrictions, the drone community as a whole wants more regulation. The constant back-and-forth makes it hard, then, for many commercial and recreational drone us...

October 11, 2017

While people might worry about privacy in the face of more drones under police command, surely safety is also vital? It’s a hard balance to strike, and one that might take some time to strike in the first place. It’s hard, though, to fully understand what other avenues...

October 10, 2017

With UAVs and drones being deployed in multiple countries, it begs the question: Do drones make it easier to get into military action? There are a few schools of thought on the matter, but at first thought, most people would agree that being able to make a strike at th...

September 21, 2017

To help you through running a drone business, lets take a look at some of the best ways that you can create an efficient frontier to help you take off!

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Don’t Ignore the New Privacy Policies You’ve Been Seeing This Week!

May 26, 2018

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